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This series is a companion to the Journal of Computational Dynamics. Its aim is to publish high quality monographs at the research, survey or graduate text book levels on random and stochastic dynamical systems, numerical dynamics and computational dynamics, broadly interpreted.

Book Series: Applied Mathematics

This features well-written monographs and textbooks of high quality, covering topics in mathematical analysis, or at the interface between mathematics and other disciplines, such as continuum physics, biology, and economics. Ideally, a contribution will be usable as a textbook for a topical course at a graduate level. Proposals are welcome.

Book Series: Diff. Equ. & Dyn. Sys.

The aim of this book series is to report, in an expository fashion, current progress and review past success that points to future directions in the broad areas of differential equations and dynamical systems. The book series consists of well-written monographs and high level textbooks at a graduate level. Proposals are welcome.