2014 Madrid, Spain
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Assigned Schedule
Time blocks assigned to the session: PS04 PS05 PS06
Author Name Abstract Title Time Block Speaking Order Date Time Period
Alejandro Luque
Numerical continuation of invariant tori using averaging-extrapolation methods
PS04 1 July 08 17:00-17:30
Flora Sayas
Flow reconstruction and invariant tori in the spatial three-body problem
PS04 2 July 08 17:30-18:00
Ariadna A Farr\'es
On the Dynamics of the Augmented Hill 3 Body Problem
PS04 3 July 08 18:00-18:30
Chris Antonopoulos
Production and Transfer of Energy and Information in Hamiltonian Systems
PS04 4 July 08 18:30-19:00
Juan Sanchez Umbria
Continuation of bifurcations of periodic orbits of dissipative PDEs.
PS04 5 July 08 19:00-19:30
Sergio Serrano
Organization of dissipative flows: R\"{o}ssler model revisited
PS05 1 July 09 10:30-11:00
Roberto Barrio
Towards a symbolic quest into homoclinic chaos
PS05 2 July 09 11:00-11:30
Florian Huhn
Automated detection of coherent Lagrangian vortices in extended two-dimensional flow domains
PS05 3 July 09 11:30-12:00
Pablo M Cincotta
Chaos detection tools in Hamiltonian dynamics
PS05 4 July 09 12:00-12:30
Daniel Wilczak
Continuation of stable elliptic periodic orbits
PS06 1 July 09 14:00-14:30
Narcis Miguel i Banos
An exploration of global properties of Area Preserving Maps
PS06 2 July 09 14:30-15:00
Joan Carles Tatjer
On the computation of the abundance of attracting periodic orbits for families of 2D dissipative maps
PS06 3 July 09 15:00-15:30
Luis Benet
A simple model for the location of Saturn F ring
PS06 4 July 09 15:30-16:00