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Title Study of the rotating spiral wave and rotating spot by the wave front interaction model

Name Yan-Yu Chen
Country Taiwan
Email chenyanyu24@gmail.com
Co-Author(s) Jong-Sheng Guo, HiroKazu Ninomiya
Submit Time 2014-02-27 21:45:30
Special Session 12: Complexity in reaction-diffusion systems
Recently, there are many kinds of patterns appeared in our nature. For example, the spiral waves, traveling spots and rotating spots can be observed from the experiment of the photosensitive BZ reaction. In this talk, we focus on the spiral wave and rotating spot and treat them by the wave interaction model proposed by Zykov in 2007. First, we give the equations to describe the boundary of these two patterns. Then we prove the existence, uniqueness and asymptotic behavior for the spiral wave under certain condition for the core radius and angular speed. Finally, we show the existence of the rotating spot. These two works are joint works with professors J.-S. Guo and H. Ninomiya