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Title Stationary solutions to symmetric hyperbolic-parabolic systems in half space

Name Shinya Nishibata
Country Japan
Email shinya@is.titech.ac.jp
Co-Author(s) Tohru Nakamura
Submit Time 2014-02-28 06:48:56
Special Session 37: Global or/and blowup solutions for nonlinear evolution equations and their applications
In this talk, we consider the large-time behavior of solutions to hyperbolic-parabolic coupled systems in the half line. Assuming that the systems admit the entropy function, we may rewrite them to symmetric forms. For these symmetrizable hyperbolic-parabolic systems, we first prove the existence of the stationary solution. In the case where one eigenvalue of Jacobian matrix appeared in a stationary problem is zero, we assume that the characteristics field corresponding to the zero eigenvalue is genuine non-linear in order to show the existence of a degenerate stationary solution. We also prove that the stationary solution is time asymptotically stable under a smallness assumption on the initial perturbation. The key to the proof is to derive the uniform a priori estimates by using the energy method in half space developed by Matsumura and Nishida as well as the stability condition of Shizuta-Kawashima type. These theorems for the general hyperbolic-parabolic system cover the compressible Navier-Stokes equation for heat conductive gas.