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Title Fast reaction limit of a two-components system with different reaction terms

Name Harunori Monobe
Country Japan
Email te12001@meiji.ac.jp
Co-Author(s) Masato Iida, Hideki Murakawa and Hirokazu Nionomiya
Submit Time 2014-03-09 04:49:30
Special Session 12: Complexity in reaction-diffusion systems
The fast reaction limit of systems has been studied intensively during the last two decades. In 1996, Hilhorst, van der Hout and Peletier considered a simple two-components system with a common reaction term and showed that the fast reaction limit of the system is written as the one-phase Stefan problem. Moreover, in 2000, they studied the fast reaction limit of more general systems which have a common reaction term as the previous system. The idea of Hilhorst et al. forms the basis of the fast reaction limit analysis. In this talk, we consider the fast reaction limit of a two-components system which corresponds approximately to the system studied by Hilhorst et al., where the system has ``different reaction terms" . Our goal is to show that the propagation speed of free boundary arising from the fast reaction limit become zero, finite or infinity, depending on the combination of two reaction terms in the system. This talk is based on a joint work with M. Iida, H. Murakawa and H. Ninomiya.