2018 Taipei, Taiwan

SS75:  Mathematics and Materials: Models and Applications

Technical University of Munich
University of Naples Federico II
University of Warwick
This special session will provide an overview of recent results in the mathematical modelling of materials and in the description and simulation of their behaviour. The analysis of materials involves understanding processes at a wide variety of length scales, and the development of models that can capture this complexity. Mathematical challenges arise in rigorously verifying that models are well-posed and self-consistent, and in finding rigorous links between them. Meeting some of these challenges has in the past led to the developments in the theories of the Calculus of Variations, homogenisation, gradient flows for dissipative phenomena, and techniques to rigorously link discrete and continuum models. New results which aim to model the evolution of materials both over long time scales and at the smallest length scales continue to generate novel theories which offer the possibility of rich new Mathematics. The scope of this special session is to bring together both leading experts and young researchers in the field to foster discussion and exchange of ideas.

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