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Dynamical complexity of a prey-predator model with nonlinear predator harvesting

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  • The objective of this paper is to study systematically the dynamical properties of a predator-prey model with nonlinear predator harvesting. We show the different types of system behaviors for various parameter values. The results developed in this article reveal far richer dynamics compared to the model without harvesting. The occurrence of change of structure or bifurcation in a system with parameters is a way to predict global dynamics of the system. It has been observed that the model has at most two interior equilibria and can exhibit numerous kinds of bifurcations (e.g. saddle-node, transcritical, Hopf-Andronov and Bogdanov-Takens bifurcation). The stability (direction) of the Hopf-bifurcating periodic solutions has been obtained by computing the first Lyapunov number. The emergence of homoclinic loop has been shown through numerical simulation when the limit cycle arising though Hopf-bifurcation collides with a saddle point. Numerical simulations using MATLAB are carried out as supporting evidences of our analytical findings. The main purpose of the present work is to offer a complete mathematical analysis for the model.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 70K05, 34C23; Secondary: 34D20.


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