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Modelling Disease Ecology with Mathematics (2nd ed)
By Robert Smith?

"Modelling Disease Ecology with Mathematics" is a self-contained introduction to the basics of mathematics for students and researchers in the areas of biology, epidemiology, medicine and public health. It provides an overview of basic modelling, data-fitting and the tangled issue that is the basic reproductive ratio. Diseases covered include malaria, yellow fever, measles, influenza and AIDS.

The second edition significantly expands on the first by adding chapters on advanced epidemic modelling, discrete-time vaccination models, asymptotic immunity and an accessible introduction to the concept of impulsive differential equations. In addition, there are new case studies on Guinea worm disease and zombies. Yes, really.

This monograph views mathematics through the lens of real-world problems in infectious disease:

a) Mathematical models representing current diseases are formulated and analysed in an easy-to-follow manner, often humorously.

b) MATLAB exercises provide the reader with the ability to develop control strategies, test hypothetical interventions and explore disease-management options.

c) Case studies provide worked examples of applying theoretical tools to real-life problems (and also prepare the world for a zombie apocalypse).

d) Technical details have been relegated to the appendix to improve readability for the non-expert.

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This monograph is especially suited to those without a background in mathematics, who are interested in learning about the way that mathematics can organise, analyse and enlighten when tackling biological problems in disease control and management.

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