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Communications on Pure & Applied Analysis

Open access

AIMS Journals offer an optional open access model.

Authors of accepted papers will be given the option of Open Access. This option enables immediate, worldwide, barrier-free, open access to the full text of your articles for the best interests of the scientific community. All interested readers can read, download, and/or print any Open Access articles without requiring a subscription to the journal in which these articles are published. If an author does not choose to pay the open access publication charge, their paper will be published in the normal manner, but it will not be made freely available online immediately. In fact, to view the non-open access content of the journals, a current subscription to the journal will be required. Therefore, there will be a mixture of non-open access and open access original research papers within each journal. Open access articles will be clearly indicated on the online journal's contents page.

In this Open Access model, the publication costs are usually covered by your institution or research funds. The publication fee for this Open-Access option is US $800 for each paper. AIMS offers half price if an author's institution is currently a subscriber of the Journal.

AIMS Open charges:

800 US dollars

Email for more information about AIMS Open:

Special offer:

If an author can help arrange his/her library to order the journal, his/her future papers accepted by any of AIMS journals may be published with Open Access, free of charge as long as the subscription is continuing.

CC-BY license:

An article is licensed under CC-BY License as long as the author(s) paid the Open Access fee to AIMS, or Open Access fee is waived by AIMS.

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