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Journal of Dynamics & Games

Call for Papers
Special Issue
ICIAM 2019:
Mean Field Games: New Trends and Applications

A selection of papers in the following topics:

  • Analytic techniques in MFGs,
  • Probabilistic MFGs
  • Numerical aspects of MFGs
  • Optimal Transportation Techniques in connection with Mean Field models
  • Mean Field type Control
  • Applications in social science, economy, biology, and computer sciences.


will be published in the


Aims and scope:

Mean Field Games (MFGs) problems have been introduced by Lasry-Lions and Huang-Caines-Malhamé in 2006. This theory describes Nash equilibria of some differential games with infinitely many players. In light of the numerous applications of MFGs, which include Economics, Finance and Social Sciences, several mathematical techniques are currently employed for its development.

The guest of this special issue, Journal of Dynamics and Games is a pure and applied mathematical journal that publishes high quality peer-review and expository papers. The main focus of JDG is in Dynamical Systems and Game Theory including the fast growing field of Mean Field Games.

We invite papers challenging mathematical questions occurring in such systems or provide a rigorous mathematical analysis of models where tools from Mean Field Games and related fields prove to be useful. Papers in newly evolving topics are especially welcomed. We invite researchers and experts worldwide to submit high-quality innovative research papers and critical review articles on the subsequent potential topics.

This Special Issue is  made at the occasion of the conference ICIAM 2019 (

Submission guidelines:

All authors should read ‘Information for Authors’ before submitting a manuscript
JDG is adopting the online editorial system EditFlow, a system used by all journals of the American Mathematical Society.
For instructions of the new online editorial system EditFlow, go to

When submitting:     
Ensure you choose "SI: MEAN FIELD GAMES 2019".
A cover letter must be included which includes the title “MEAN FIELD GAMES 2019: New Trends and Applications”.

Important Dates:

Submission deadline: April 30, 2020.
First report deadline: July 30, 2020.
Deadline for the eventual second submission: October 30, 2020.
Final decision: December 2020.


Diogo Gomes
King Abdullah University,  KAUST

Guest editors:

Adriano Festa
DISMA, Politecnico di Torino

Francisco J. Silva
Team MOD XLIM - DMI UMR CNRS Université de Limoges

Daniela Tonon
CEREMADE Université Paris Dauphine, PSL Research university



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