Instructions for Authors

Register as an author first. Please click on the button “Register(Author)” first and then follow the steps as required. You will need to remember the user name and the password you have chosen. A confirmation email with your user name and password will be sent to you for your records/reference.

Your user name and password are needed to log onto the Online Editorial System(OES).

You may also use OES for the following:

  • Submit your paper(s) to any AIMS journals using OES.
  • Communicate with the Editor In Chief of the journal concerning your submission whenever you 'd like to.
  • When a decision has been made, you may view the reports & recommendation online.

Instructions for Editors

You may use OES to conduct all tasks needed to handle the papers you are assigned, such as:

  • Obtain all necessary information regarding papers assigned to you.
  • Communicate with the referees directly.
  • Communicate with the Editor In Chief whenever you 'd like to.
  • Submit your comments & recommendations online.
  1. Your account is set up by the Managing/Chief Editor of the journal you serve. You will be e-mailed a user name and a password. Please keep them in a safe place for future reference.
  2. Your user name and password are required every time you log onto OES.
  3. Click “Forget?” at the login page if you have forgotten your password. You will receive your password via e-mail.
To Login: Paper Assignment:   You will receive an e-mail from the Managing/Chief Editor that will ask you to log onto OES.
  • Log onto OES and you will see a list of all the papers assigned to you.
  • Click on the title of the paper with the status New Assignment to go to a page with more detailed information.
  • Click on the title of the paper to view or download a PDF file of the manuscript. You may log out of OES and take your time to examine the manuscript.
  • Click on “ Review Message” to review any messages and click on “ Send Message” to send messages to the Editor in Chief.
  • Click on “ Accept to handle” or “ Decline to handle” accordingly, including your message to the Editor in Chief, then click “ Reply”.
Assign/Contact Reviewers:  After you accept to handle the manuscript, the previous page will change automatically.
  • Click on “ Assign a reviewer” to assign a reviewer.
  • Enter the name of the reviewer and his/her email address.
  • Modify the default message to the reviewer as you wish. You may replace your own message by using copy and paste.
  • Click on “ Send” when you are ready.
  • The reviewer will receive an e-mail with your message. The secure link is provided in the e-mail so that the potential reviewer can log into the reviewer's page with the necessary information for the manuscript by simply clicking the link.
  • In the reviewer's page, the reviewer can access a PDF of the manuscript, the messages from the editor, and some author information. He/she can choose “ Accept” or “ Decline” and has the option to send a message to the editor.
  • You may need to assign new reviewers until you have enough people who have accepted to review the paper.
  • Click “Remind” to remind a reviewer if a report is due. A reviewer can click the link in the e-mail to log in when he/she wants to send his/her report or message to the editor.
  • You will receive an automated e-mail message from the Editor In Chief to remind you whenever there is any new action or any new information concerning the manuscript. You need to log onto OES to take action accordingly.
Receive and Finalize Reports:   A reviewer may submit his/her report in following forms:
  • A report in PDF plus some message in text.
  • A report in PDF only.
  • A report in text only.

To finalize a report: Remove any possible information of the reviewer's identity from the report and rearrange it in proper form for the author. The Editor in Chief will take care of this task if you prefer not to do it.

Make a Recommendation:  Click “ Recommend” and enter your recommendation and your opinion. You may do so any time you think you are ready.

Make a Decision:  Author(s) will be informed by an automated e-mail automatically after the decision is entered by Editor in Chief. He/She can log onto OES to view the decision and the finalized reports.
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