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Advances in Mathematics of Communications

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Zero correlation zone sequence set with inter-group orthogonal and inter-subgroup complementary properties
Zhenyu Zhang, Lijia Ge, Fanxin Zeng and Guixin Xuan
2015, 9(1): 9-21 doi: 10.3934/amc.2015.9.9 +[Abstract](2168) +[PDF](424.1KB)
In this paper, a novel method for constructing complementary sequence set with zero correlation zone (ZCZ) is presented by interleaving and combining three orthogonal matrices. The constructed set can be divided into multiple sequence groups and each sequence group can be further divided into multiple sequence subgroups. In addition to ZCZ properties of sequences from the same sequence subgroup, sequences from different sequence groups are orthogonal to each other while sequences from different sequence subgroups within the same sequence group possess ideal cross-correlation properties, that is, the proposed ZCZ sequence set has inter-group orthogonal (IGO) and inter-subgroup complementary (ISC) properties. Compared with previous methods, the new construction can provide flexible choice for ZCZ width and set size, and the resultant sequences which are called IGO-ISC sequences in this paper can achieve the theoretical bound on the set size for the ZCZ width and sequence length.

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