Maximum and minimum principles for a class of Monge-Ampère equations in the plane, with applications to surfaces of constant Gauss curvature
Cristian Enache
Communications on Pure & Applied Analysis 2014, 13(3): 1347-1359 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2014.13.1347
In this article we investigate a general class of Monge-Ampère equations in the plane, including the constant Gauss curvature equation. Our first aim is to prove some maximum and minimum principles for suitable $P$-functions, in the sense of L.E. Payne. Then, these new principles are employed to solve a general class of overdetermined Monge-Ampère problems and to investigate two boundary value problems for the constant Gauss curvature equation. More precisely, when the constant Gauss curvature equation is subject to the homogeneous Dirichlet boundary condition, we prove several isoperimetric inequalities, while when it is subject to the contact angle boundary condition, some necessary conditions of solvability, involving the curvature of the boundary of the underlying domain and the given contact angle, are derived.
keywords: isoperimetric estimates. Monge-Ampère problems overdetermined problems maximum principles

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