Optimization of capital structure in real estate enterprises
Hong Zhang Fei Yang
Journal of Industrial & Management Optimization 2015, 11(3): 969-983 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2015.11.969
On the basis of capital structure theory and the option pricing model, the revenues and costs of debts are quantified. Combining with the financing characteristics of real estate enterprises, a mathematical model in consideration of the effect of interest-free debt was established in this paper to determine the optimal capital structure of real estate enterprises, and then a simulation analysis was conducted. The results indicated that the interest-bearing debt interest rate, the tax rate, the risk-free interest rate and the proportion of interest-bearing debt are all positively correlated with the optimal debt ratio of real estate enterprises, the annual average growth rate of housing price and the annual volatility of enterprise assets are negatively correlated with that, and as the debt maturity increases, the optimal debt ratio of real estate enterprises will decrease.
keywords: capital structure real estate enterprises interest-free debt Optimization interest-bearing debt simulation analysis.

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