A note on monotone approximations of minimum and maximum functions and multi-objective problems
Dušan M. Stipanović Claire J. Tomlin George Leitmann
Numerical Algebra, Control & Optimization 2011, 1(3): 487-493 doi: 10.3934/naco.2011.1.487
In paper [12] the problem of accomplishing multiple objectives by a number of agents represented as dynamic systems is considered. Each agent is assumed to have a goal which is to accomplish one or more objectives where each objective is mathematically formulated using an appropriate objective function. Sufficient conditions for accomplishing objectives are formulated using particular convergent approximations of minimum and maximum functions depending on the formulation of the goals and objectives. These approximations are differentiable functions and they monotonically converge to the corresponding minimum or maximum function. Finally, an illustrative pursuit-evasion game example of a capture of two evaders by two pursuers is provided.
    This note presents a preview of the treatment in [12].
keywords: minimum function multiple objectives Dynamic systems approximations of functions. maximum function

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