On positive solutions of nonlinear fractional differential equations
Daria Bugajewska Mirosława Zima
The aim of this note is to prove some existence and uniqueness theorems on positive solutions of some nonlinear fractional equations. Classical as well as Carathéodory’s solutions are under our considerations.
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On the spectral radius of linearly bounded operators and existence results for functional-differential equations
Daria Bugajewska Mirosława Zima
In this paper we formulate conditions, different from the global commutativity, under which one can estimate the spectral radius of the composition of linearly bounded operators. We apply this estimation to prove the existence of global solutions for some functional differential equations and systems of such equations. All our results are illustrated by suitable examples.
keywords: functional partial differential equation system of differential equations of neutral type. linearly bounded operator existence of global solutions spectral radius differential equations with maxima

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