A support theorem for the geodesic ray transform of symmetric tensor fields
Venkateswaran P. Krishnan Plamen Stefanov
Let $(M,g)$ be a simple Riemannian manifold with boundary and consider the geodesic ray transform of symmetric 2-tensor fields. Let the integral of such a field $f$ along maximal geodesics vanish on an appropriate open subset of the space of geodesics in $M$. Under the assumption that the metric $g$ is real-analytic, it is shown that there exists a vector field $v$ satisfying $f=dv$ on the set of points lying on these geodesics and $v=0$ on the intersection of this set with the boundary ∂$ M$ of the manifold $M$. Using this result, a Helgason's type of a support theorem for the geodesic ray transform is proven. The approach is based on analytic microlocal techniques.
keywords: integral geometry support theorem. X ray transform tensors
Microlocal aspects of common offset synthetic aperture radar imaging
Venkateswaran P. Krishnan Eric Todd Quinto
In this article, we analyze the microlocal properties of the linearized forward scattering operator $F$ and the reconstruction operator $F^{*}F$ appearing in bistatic synthetic aperture radar imaging. In our model, the radar source and detector travel along a line a fixed distance apart. We show that $F$ is a Fourier integral operator, and we give the mapping properties of the projections from the canonical relation of $F$, showing that the right projection is a blow-down and the left projection is a fold. We then show that $F^{*}F$ is a singular FIO belonging to the class $I^{3,0}$.
keywords: Fourier Integral Operators Microlocal Analysis SAR Imaging Scattering. Radar

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