Vector fields with distributions and invariants of ODEs
BronisŁaw Jakubczyk Wojciech Kryński
Journal of Geometric Mechanics 2013, 5(1): 85-129 doi: 10.3934/jgm.2013.5.85
We study dynamic pairs $(X,V)$ where $X$ is a vector field on a smooth manifold $M$ and $V\subset TM$ is a vector distribution, both satisfying certain regularity conditions. We construct basic invariants of such objects and solve the equivalence problem. In particular, we assign to $(X,V)$ a canonical connection and a canonical frame on a certain frame bundle. We compute the curvature and torsion. The results are applied to the problem of time scale preserving equivalence of ordinary differential equations and of Veronese webs. The framework of dynamic pairs $(X,V)$ is shown to include sprays, control-affine systems, mechanical control systems, Veronese webs and other structures.
keywords: equivalence distribution ordinary differential equations connection G-structure Vector field semispray invariants. control system

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