Visualization analysis of traffic congestion based on floating car data
Jingmei Zhou Xiangmo Zhao Xin Cheng Zhigang Xu
Traffic congestion visualization is an important part in traffic information service. However, the real-time data is difficult to obtain and its analysis method is not accurate, so the reliability of congestion state visualization is low. This paper proposes a visualization analysis algorithm of traffic congestion based on Floating Car Data (FCD), which utilizes the FCD to estimate and display dynamic traffic state on the electronic map. Firstly, an improved map matching method is put forward to match rapidly the FCD with road sections, which includes two steps of coarse and precise matching. Then, the traffic speed is estimated and classified to display different traffic states. Eventually, multi-group experiments have been conducted based on more than 8000 taxies in Xi’an. The experimental results show that FCD can be matched accurately with the selected road sections which accuracy can reach up to \({\rm{96\% }}\), and the estimated traffic real-time state can achieve \({\rm{94\% }}\) in terms of reliability. So this visualization analysis algorithm can display accurately road traffic state in real time.
keywords: FCD map matching speed estimation. Visualization analysis traffic congestion
Improved results on exponential stability of discrete-time switched delay systems
Xiang Xie Honglei Xu Xinming Cheng Yilun Yu

In this paper, we study the exponential stability problem of discrete-time switched delay systems. Combining a multiple Lyapunov function method with a mode-dependent average dwell time technique, we develop novel sufficient conditions for exponential stability of the switched delay systems expressed by a set of numerically solvable linear matrix inequalities. Finally, numerical examples are presented to illustrate less conservativeness of the obtained results.

keywords: Discrete-time switched delay systems stability analysis mode-dependent average dwell time
Scattering of solutions to the nonlinear Schrödinger equations with regular potentials
Xing Cheng Ze Li Lifeng Zhao

In this paper, we prove the scattering of radial solutions to high dimensional energy-critical nonlinear Schrödinger equations with regular potentials in the defocusing case.

keywords: Nonlinear Schrödinger equations potential scattering energy critical

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