Special Session 48
Differential, Difference, and Dynamic Equations
Martin Bohner
Stefan Hilger
Agacik Zafer
Going back to 1988, the study of dynamic equations on time scales is a fairly new area of mathematics. Motivating the subject is the notion that dynamic equations on time scales can build bridges between continuous and discrete mathematics. Time is considered to be an element of an arbitrary closed subset of the reals, the so-called time scale. Dynamic equations on the time scale of all real numbers are differential equations, while dynamic equations on the time scale of all integers are difference equations. But not only is this theory able to unify the continuous and the discrete, it also can help to extend these theories to cases in between and hence to other dynamic equations (e.g., q-difference equations). The study of time scales theory has led to several important applications, e.g., in the study of insect population models, neural networks, heat transfer, epidemic models and economic models. Talks in this session contain lectures on the topics of dynamic equations, differential equations, difference equations, and q-difference equations. For more information please click Here

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