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The nonassociative algebras used to build fast-decodable space-time block codes

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  • Let $K/F$ and $K/L$ be two cyclic Galois field extensions and $D=(K/F,\sigma,c)$ a cyclic algebra. Given an invertible element $d\in D$, we present three families of unital nonassociative algebras over $L\cap F$ defined on the direct sum of $n$ copies of $D$. Two of these families appear either explicitly or implicitly in the designs of fast-decodable space-time block codes in papers by Srinath, Rajan, Markin, Oggier, and the authors. We present conditions for the algebras to be division and propose a construction for fully diverse fast decodable space-time block codes of rate-$m$ for $nm$ transmit and $m$ receive antennas. We present a DMT-optimal rate-3 code for 6 transmit and 3 receive antennas which is fast-decodable, with ML-decoding complexity at most $\mathcal{O}(M^{15})$.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 17A35, 94B05.


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