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Constructions and bounds for mixed-dimension subspace codes

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  • Codes in finite projective spaces equipped with the subspace distance have been proposed for error control in random linear network coding. The resulting so-called Main Problem of Subspace Coding is to determine the maximum size $A_q(v,d)$ of a code in $PG(v-1,\mathbb{F}_q)$ with minimum subspace distance $d$. Here we completely resolve this problem for $d\ge v-1$. For $d=v-2$ we present some improved bounds and determine $A_q(5,3)=2q^3+2$ (all $q$), $A_2(7,5)=34$. We also provide an exposition of the known determination of $A_q(v,2)$, and a table with exact results and bounds for the numbers $A_2(v,d)$, $v\leq 7$.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 94B05, 05B25, 51E20; Secondary: 51E14, 51E22, 51E23.


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