January  2016, 1(1): i-iii. doi: 10.3934/bdia.2016.1.1i

A new training program in data analytics & visualization


Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Lassonde School of Engineering, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health, Centre for Vision Research, York University, Toronto, Canada

Published  September 2015

The growing appreciation for the role of Big Data in addressing important problems and societal needs has led to many welcome developments, including the new journal we are celebrating with its inaugural issue today. In Toronto, an interdisciplinary network of faculty has been working together on big data problems for a number of years through the Centre for Information Visualization and Data-Driven Design (CIVDDD). Founded and Led by Nick Cercone (York) and supported by the Ontario provincial government, this network has brought together researchers in data analytics and visualization from York University, OCAD University and the University of Toronto with industry partners to tackle challenging Big Data problems. A key emphasis of CIVDDD is the importance of fusing analytics with powerful visualization methods that allow the full value of the data to be extracted.

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