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Liouville type theorems for Schrödinger system with Navier boundary conditions in a half space

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  • In this paper, we study the positive solutions for the following integral system: \begin{eqnarray} u(x)=\int_{R^n_+}(\frac{1}{|x-y|^{n-\alpha}}-\frac{1}{|x^*-y|^{n-\alpha}})u^{\beta_1}(y)v^{\gamma_1}(y)dy ,\\ v(x)=\int_{R^n_+}(\frac{1}{|x-y|^{n-\alpha}}-\frac{1}{|x^*-y|^{n-\alpha}})u^{\beta_2}(y)v^{\gamma_2}(y)dy, \end{eqnarray} where $0 < \alpha < n$ and $x^*=(x_1,\cdots,x_{n-1},-x_n)$ is the reflection of the point $x$ about the plane $R^{n-1}$, and $\beta_1, \gamma_1, \beta_2, \gamma_2 $ satisfy the condition$(f_1)$: \begin{eqnarray} 1 \leq \beta_1,\gamma_1,\beta_2,\gamma_2 \leq \frac{n+\alpha}{n-\alpha}\ \mbox{with}\ \beta_1+\gamma_1= \frac{n+\alpha}{n-\alpha}=\beta_2+\gamma_2, \beta_1\neq \beta_2, \gamma_1 \neq \gamma_2. \end{eqnarray}

    This integral system is closely related to the PDE system with Navier boundary conditions, when $\alpha$ is a even number between $0$ and $n$, \begin{eqnarray} (- \Delta)^{\frac{\alpha}{2}}u(x)=u^{\beta_1}(x)v^{\gamma_1}(x), \mbox{in}\ R^n_+,\\ (- \Delta)^{\frac{\alpha}{2}}v(x)=u^{\beta_2}(x)v^{\gamma_2}(x), \mbox{in}\ R^n_+,\\ u(x)=-\Delta u(x)=\cdots =(-\Delta)^{\frac{\alpha}{2}-1} u(x)=0,\mbox{on}\ \partial{R^n_+},\\ v(x)=-\Delta v(x)=\cdots =(-\Delta)^{\frac{\alpha}{2}-1} v(x)=0,\mbox{on}\ \partial{R^n_+}. \end{eqnarray}

    More precisely, any solution of (1) multiplied by a constant satisfies (2). We use method of moving planes in integral forms introduced by Chen-Li-Ou to derive rotational symmetry, monotonicity, and non-existence of the positive solutions of (1) on the half space $R^n_+$.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 31A10, 35B45; Secondary: 35B53, 35J91.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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