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Finite-dimensional global attractors for parabolic nonlinear equations with state-dependent delay

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  • We deal with a class of parabolic nonlinear evolution equations with state-dependent delay. This class covers several important PDE models arising in biology. We first prove well-posedness in a certain space of functions which are Lipschitz in time. This allows us to show that the model considered generates an evolution operator semigroup $S_t$ on a certain space of Lipschitz type functions over delay time interval. The operators $S_t$ are closed for all $t\ge 0$ and continuous for $t$ large enough. Our main result shows that the semigroup $S_t$ possesses compact global and exponential attractors of finite fractal dimension. Our argument is based on the recently developed method of quasi-stability estimates and involves some extension of the theory of global attractors for the case of closed evolutions.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35R10, 35B41; Secondary: 93C23.


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