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The Hardy–Moser–Trudinger inequality via the transplantation of Green functions

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  • We provide a new proof of the Hardy–Moser–Trudinger inequality and the existence of its extremals which are established by Wang and Ye ("G. Wang, and D. Ye, A Hardy–Moser–Trudinger inequality, Adv. Math, 230 (2012) 294–230.") without using the blow-up analysis method. Our proof is based on the transformation of functions via the transplantation of Green functions. This method enables us to compute explicitly the concentrating level of the Hardy–Moser–Trudinger functional over the normalizing concentrating sequences which is crucial to prove the existence of extremals for the Hardy–Moser–Trudinger inequality. Some comments on the applications of this approach to some other Moser–Trudinger type inequalities are given.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 26D10; Secondary: 35A23, 46E35.


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