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Improved Sobolev inequalities and critical problems

  • *Corresponding author

    *Corresponding author
X. Chen is supported by NNSF of China(No:11961032), NNSF of Jiangxi Province(No:20192 BAB201003). J. Yang is supported NNSF of China(No:11671179 and 11771300)
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  • In this paper, we establish two refinement of Sobolev-Hardy inequalities in terms of Morrey spaces. Then, with help of these inequalities, we show the existence of nontrivial solutions for doubly critical problems in $ \mathbb{R}^N $ involving $ p $-Laplacian

    $ \begin{equation*} \label{eq:1} -\Delta_pu = \frac{|u|^{p^\ast_{\alpha}-2}u}{|y|^{\alpha}}+\frac{|u|^{p^\ast_{\beta}-2}u}{|y|^{\beta}}, \end{equation*} $

    where $ x = (y,z)\in\mathbb{R}^K\times\mathbb{R}^{N-K},1\leq K\leq N,1<p<N,0<\alpha,\beta<\min\{K,\frac{NKp}{N^2-(N-K)p}\} $ and $ p^\ast_{\alpha} = \frac{p(N-\alpha)}{N-p} $ is the critical Hardy-Sobolev exponent, and critical problems involving fractional Laplacian

    $ \begin{equation*} (-\Delta)^{s}u = \frac{|u|^{2^\ast_{s,\alpha}-2}u}{|y|^{\alpha}}+\frac{|u|^{2^\ast_{s,\beta}-2}u}{|y|^{\beta}}, \end{equation*} $

    where $ 0<s<\frac{N}2,0<\alpha,\beta<\min\{K,\frac{2NKs}{N^2-2s(N-K)}\} $ and $ 2^\ast_{s,\alpha} = \frac{2(N-\alpha)}{N-2s} $.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35B33, 35B38; Secondary: 35J60.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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