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An entropy based theory of the grain boundary character distribution

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  • Cellular networks are ubiquitous in nature. They exhibit behavior on many different length and time scales and are generally metastable. Most technologically useful materials are polycrystalline microstructures composed of a myriad of small monocrystalline grains separated by grain boundaries. The energetics and connectivity of the grain boundary network plays a crucial role in determining the properties of a material across a wide range of scales. A central problem in materials science is to develop technologies capable of producing an arrangement of grains—a texture—appropriate for a desired set of material properties. Here we discuss the role of energy in texture development, measured by a character distribution. We derive an entropy based theory based on mass transport and a Kantorovich-Rubinstein-Wasserstein metric to suggest that, to first approximation, this distribution behaves like the solution to a Fokker-Planck Equation.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 37M05, 35Q80, 93E03, 60J60, 35K15, 35A15.


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