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On $C^0$-variational solutions for Hamilton-Jacobi equations

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  • For evolutive Hamilton-Jacobi equations, we propose a refined definition of $C^0$-variational solution, adapted to Cauchy problems for continuous initial data. This weaker framework enables us to investigate the semigroup property for these solutions. In the case of $p$-convex Hamiltonians, when variational solutions are known to be identical to viscosity solutions, we verify directly the semigroup property by using minmax techniques. In the non-convex case, we construct a first explicit evolutive example where minmax and viscosity solutions are different. Provided the initial data allow for the separation of variables, we also detect the semigroup property for convex-concave Hamiltonians. In this case, and for general initial data, we finally give new upper and lower Hopf-type estimates for the variational solutions.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 70H20, 35D30; Secondary: 37J05.


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