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Hyperbolicity and types of shadowing for $C^1$ generic vector fields

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  • We study various types of shadowing properties and their implication for $C^1$ generic vector fields. We show that, generically, any of the following three hypotheses implies that an isolated set is topologically transitive and hyperbolic: (i) the set is chain transitive and satisfies the (classical) shadowing property, (ii) the set satisfies the limit shadowing property, or (iii) the set satisfies the (asymptotic) shadowing property with the additional hypothesis that stable and unstable manifolds of any pair of critical orbits intersect each other. In our proof we essentially rely on the property of chain transitivity and, in particular, show that it is implied by the limit shadowing property. We also apply our results to divergence-free vector fields.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 37C20, 37D20; Secondary: 37C10, 37C50.


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