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On resolving singularities of piecewise-smooth discontinuous vector fields via small perturbations

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  • A two-fold singularity is a point on a discontinuity surface of a piecewise-smooth vector field at which the vector field is tangent to the surface on both sides. Due to the double tangency, forward evolution from a two-fold is typically ambiguous. This is an especially serious issue for two-folds that are reached by the forward orbits of a non-zero measure set of initial points. However, arbitrarily small perturbations of the vector field can make forward evolution well-defined, and from an applied perspective, such perturbations may represent additional model features that enhance the realism of a piecewise-smooth mathematical model. Three physically motivated forms of perturbation: hysteresis, time-delay, and noise, are analysed individually. The purpose of this paper is to characterise the perturbed dynamics in the limit that the size of the perturbation tends to zero. This concept is applied to a two-fold in two dimensions. In each case the limit leads to a novel probabilistic notion of forward evolution from the two-fold.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 34E10, 37E99; Secondary: 34F05.


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