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Integrability methods in the time minimal coherence transfer for Ising chains of three spins

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  • The objective of this article is to analyze the integrability properties of extremal solutions of Pontryagin Maximum Principle in the time minimal control of a linear spin system with Ising coupling in relation with conjugate and cut loci computations. Restricting to the case of three spins, the problem is equivalent to analyze a family of almost-Riemannian metrics on the sphere $S^{2}$, with Grushin equatorial singularity. The problem can be lifted into a SR-invariant problem on $SO(3)$, this leads to a complete understanding of the geometry of the problem and to an explicit parametrization of the extremals using an appropriate chart as well as elliptic functions. This approach is compared with the direct analysis of the Liouville metrics on the sphere where the parametrization of the extremals is obtained by computing a Liouville normal form. Finally, an algebraic approach is presented in the framework of the application of differential Galois theory to integrability.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 49K15, 70H06; Secondary: 33E05.


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