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Homogenization of second order discrete model with local perturbation and application to traffic flow

  • * Corresponding author: N. Forcadel

    * Corresponding author: N. Forcadel 
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  • The goal of this paper is to derive a traffic flow macroscopic model from a second order microscopic model with a local perturbation. At the microscopic scale, we consider a Bando model of the type following the leader, i.e the acceleration of each vehicle depends on the distance of the vehicle in front of it. We consider also a local perturbation like an accident at the roadside that slows down the vehicles. After rescaling, we prove that the "cumulative distribution functions" of the vehicles converges towards the solution of a macroscopic homogenized Hamilton-Jacobi equation with a flux limiting condition at junction which can be seen as a LWR (Lighthill-Whitham-Richards) model.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 35D40, 90B20, 35B27, 35F20, 45K05.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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