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On the existence of minimizers for the neo-Hookean energy in the axisymmetric setting

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  • Let $\Omega $ be a smooth bounded axisymmetric set in $\mathbb{R}^3$. In this paper we investigate the existence of minimizers of the so-called neo-Hookean energy among a class of axisymmetric maps. Due to the appearance of a critical exponent in the energy we must face a problem of lack of compactness. Indeed as shown by an example of Conti-De Lellis in [12,Section 6], a phenomenon of concentration of energy can occur preventing the strong convergence in $W^{1,2}(\Omega ,\mathbb{R}^3)$ of a minimizing sequence along with the equi-integrability of the cofactors of that sequence. We prove that this phenomenon can only take place on the axis of symmetry of the domain. Thus if we consider domains that do not contain the axis of symmetry then minimizers do exist. We also provide a partial description of the lack of compactness in terms of Cartesian currents. Then we study the case where $\Omega $ is not necessarily axisymmetric but the boundary data is affine. In that case if we do not allow cavitation (nor in the interior neither at the boundary) then the affine extension is the unique minimizer, that is, quadratic polyconvex energies are $W^{1,2}$-quasiconvex in our admissible space. At last, in the case of an axisymmetric domain not containing its symmetry axis, we obtain for the first time the existence of weak solutions of the energy-momentum equations for 3D neo-Hookean materials.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 49J45, 49Q20, 74B20, 74G65.


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