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On the graph theorem for Lagrangian minimizing tori

  • * Corresponding author: Rafael O. Ruggiero

    * Corresponding author: Rafael O. Ruggiero
The research project is partially supported by CNPq, FAPERJ (Cientistas do nosso estado), Pronex de Geometria, Pronex de Sistemas Dinómicos (Brazil), CNRS, unité FR2291 FRUMAM.
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  • We study the graph property for Lagrangian minimizing submanifolds of the geodesic flow of a Riemannian metric in the torus $ (T^{n},g) $, $ n>2 $. It is well known that the transitivity of the geodesic flow in a minimizing Lagrangian submanifold implies the graph property. We replace the transitivity by three kind of assumptions: (1) $ r $-density of the set of recurrent orbits for some $ r>0 $ depending on $ g $, (2) $ r $-density of the limit set, (3) every point is nonwandering. Then we show that a Lagrangian, minimizing torus satisfying one of such assumptions is a graph.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 53D25; Secondary: 53D12, 37J50.


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