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Measure dynamics with Probability Vector Fields and sources

  • * Corresponding author: Francesco Rossi

    * Corresponding author: Francesco Rossi
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  • We introduce a new formulation for differential equation describing dynamics of measures on an Euclidean space, that we call Measure Differential Equations with sources. They mix two different phenomena: on one side, a transport-type term, in which a vector field is replaced by a Probability Vector Field, that is a probability distribution on the tangent bundle; on the other side, a source term. Such new formulation allows to write in a unified way both classical transport and diffusion with finite speed, together with creation of mass.

    The main result of this article shows that, by introducing a suitable Wasserstein-like functional, one can ensure existence of solutions to Measure Differential Equations with sources under Lipschitz conditions. We also prove a uniqueness result under the following additional hypothesis: the measure dynamics needs to be compatible with dynamics of measures that are sums of Dirac masses.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 35S99, 35F20, 35F25.


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