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Hereditarily non uniformly perfect non-autonomous Julia sets

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  • Hereditarily non uniformly perfect (HNUP) sets were introduced by Stankewitz, Sugawa, and Sumi in [19] who gave several examples of such sets based on Cantor set-like constructions using nested intervals. We exhibit a class of examples in non-autonomous iteration where one considers compositions of polynomials from a sequence which is in general allowed to vary. In particular, we give a sharp criterion for when Julia sets from our class will be HNUP and we show that the maximum possible Hausdorff dimension of $ 1 $ for these Julia sets can be attained. The proof of the latter considers the Julia set as the limit set of a non-autonomous conformal iterated function system and we calculate the Hausdorff dimension using a version of Bowen's formula given in the paper by Rempe-Gillen and Urbánski [15].

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 30D05; Secondary: 28A80.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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  • Figure 1.  How the survival sets $ {\mathcal S}_k $ are nested. The pictures show preimages of $ \overline {\mathrm D}(0,2) $ at stages $ M_k $ (in red) and $ M_{k-1} $ (in blue) with $ m_k = 3 $. The dashed blue circle is $ {\mathrm C}(0,2) $ while the unit circle is shown in black. Observe how $ Q_{M_{k-1},M_k}^{-1}(\overline {\mathrm D}(0,2)) \subset \overline {\mathrm D}(0, 2) \setminus \overline {\mathrm D}(0, 1) $ as in Remark 1(c) is shown in red at Stage $ M_{k-1} $

    Figure 2.  Schematic for the proof of Theorem 1.6 in the case where $ \limsup |c_k| = +\infty $. Note how the round annulus $ {\mathrm A}(\sqrt{-c_{k}}, 1, \sqrt{|c_{k}|}) $ at stage $ M_{k-1} + m_k $ (in this case $ M_1+m_2 $) is pulled back conformally first by the preimage branches of $ Q_{M_{k-1},M_{k-1}+m_k} $ to form half the members of the collection $ \mathcal C $ at Stage $ M_1 $. Then the preimage branches of $ Q_{M_{k-1}} $ pull back the annuli in $ \mathcal C $ (one of which is visible in the zoomed box) to conformal annuli which separate the components of $ \mathcal{S}_k $ at stage $ 0 $

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