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On global axisymmetric solutions to 2D compressible full Euler equations of Chaplygin gases

  • * Corresponding author: Huicheng Yin

    * Corresponding author: Huicheng Yin

The authors are supported by NSFC (No. 11571177, No. 11731007)

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  • For 2D compressible full Euler equations of Chaplygin gases, when the initial axisymmetric perturbation of a rest state is small, we prove that the smooth solution exists globally. Compared with the previous references, there are two different key points in this paper: both the vorticity and the variable entropy are simultaneously considered, moreover, the usual assumption on the compact support of initial perturbation is removed. Due to the appearances of the variable entropy and vorticity, the related perturbation of solution will have no decay in time, which leads to an essential difficulty in establishing the global energy estimate. Thanks to introducing a nonlinear ODE which arises from the vorticity and entropy, and considering the difference between the solutions of the resulting ODE and the full Euler equations, we can distinguish the fast decay part and non-decay part of solution to Euler equations. Based on this, by introducing some suitable weighted energies together with a class of weighted $ L^\infty $-$ L^\infty $ estimates for the solutions of 2D wave equations, we can eventually obtain the global energy estimates and further complete the proof on the global existence of smooth solution to 2D full Euler equations.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35L45, 76N15; Secondary: 35L67.


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