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On the fundamental solution and its application in a large class of differential systems determined by Volterra type operators with delay

  • * Corresponding author

    * Corresponding author

The research of the authors has been supported by Hungarian National Foundations for Scientific Research Grant No. K120186

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  • The variation-of-constants formula is one of the principal tools of the theory of differential equations. There are many papers dealing with different versions of the variation-of-constants formula and its applications. Our main purpose in this paper is to give a variation-of-constants formula for inhomogeneous linear functional differential systems determined by general Volterra type operators with delay. Our treatment of the delay in the considered systems is completely different from the usual methods. We deal with the representation of the studied Volterra type operators. Some existence and uniqueness theorems are obtained for the studied linear functional differential and integral systems. Finally, some applications are given.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 34K06, 45D05.


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