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Trace and boundary singularities of positive solutions of a class of quasilinear equations

  • *Corresponding author: Laurent Véron

    *Corresponding author: Laurent Véron

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  • We study positive functions satisfying (E)$ \;-\Delta u+m|\nabla u|^q-u^p = 0 $ in a domain $ {\Omega} $ or in $ {\mathbb R}^{_N}_+ $ when $ p>1 $ and $ 1<q<2 $. We give sufficient conditions for the existence of a solution to (E) with a nonnegative measure $ \mu $ as boundary data; these conditions are expressed in terms of Bessel capacities on the boundary. We also study removability of boundary singular sets, and solutions with an isolated singularity on $ \partial\Omega $. The different results depend on two critical exponents for $ p = p_c: = \frac{N+1}{N-1} $ and for $ q = q_c: = \frac{N+1}{N} $, and on the sign of $ q-\frac{2p}{p+1} $

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35J62, 35J66, 35J75; Secondary: 31C15.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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