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A reliability study of square wave bursting $\beta$-cells with noise

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  • Reliability of spike timing has been a hot topic recently. However reliability has not been considered for bursting behavior, as commonly observed in a variety of nerve and endocrine cells, including $\beta$-cells in intact pancreatic islets. In this paper, reliability of $\beta$-cells with noise is considered. A method to numerically study reliability of bursting cells is presented. Reliability of a single cell will decrease as noise level becomes larger. The reliability of networks of $\beta$-cells coupled by gap junctions or synaptic excitation is investigated. Simulations of the network of $\beta$-cells reveal that increasing noise level decreases the reliability. But the reliability of the network is higher than that of single cell. The effect of coupling strength on reliability is also investigated. Reliability will decrease when coupling strength is small and increase when coupling strength is large.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 92C20, 60H10; Secondary: 34C28.


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