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Optimal harvesting for a stochastic N-dimensional competitive Lotka-Volterra model with jumps

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  • Optimization problem for a stochastic N-dimensional competitive Lotka-Volterra system is studied in this paper. The considered system is driven by both white noise and jumping noise, and the jumping noise is modeled by a stochastic integral with respect to a Poisson counting measure generated by a Poisson point process. For two types of objective functions, namely, time-averaged yield and sustained yield, the optimal harvesting efforts as well as the corresponding maximum yields are given respectively. Moreover, almost sure equivalence between these two objective functions is proved by ergodic method. This paper provides us a new idea to study the stochastic optimal harvesting problem with sustained yield, and this idea can be popularized to other stochastic systems.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 60H10, 93E20; Secondary: 92B05, 37N25.


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