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Permanence and ergodicity of stochastic Gilpin-Ayala population model with regime switching

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  • This work is concerned with permanence and ergodicity of stochastic Gilpin-Ayala models involve continuous states as well as discrete events. A distinct feature is that the Gilpin-Ayala parameter and its corresponding perturbation parameter are allowed to be varying randomly in accordance with a random switching process. Necessary and sufficient conditions of the stochastic permanence and extinction are established, which are much weaker than the previous results. The existence of the unique stationary distribution is also established. Our approach treats much wider class of systems, uses much weaker conditions, and substantially generalizes previous results. It is shown that regime switching can suppress the impermanence. Furthermore, several examples and simulations are given to illustrate our main results.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 60H10; Secondary: 92B05.


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