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LaSalle type stationary oscillation theorems for Affine-Periodic Systems

  • * Corresponding author: Yong Li

    * Corresponding author: Yong Li 
The second author is supported by NSFC (grant No. 11201173). The third author is supported by National Basic Research Program of China (grant No. 2013CB834100), NSFC (grant No. 11571065) and NSFC (grant No. 11171132).
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  • The paper concerns the existence of affine-periodic solutions for affine-periodic (functional) differential systems, which is a new type of quasi-periodic solutions if they are bounded. Some more general criteria than LaSalle's one on the existence of periodic solutions are established. Some applications are also given.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary:34C27;Secondary:34C25.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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