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On the Oseledets-splitting for infinite-dimensional random dynamical systems

  • * Corresponding author: Björn Schmalfuss

    * Corresponding author: Björn Schmalfuss

Dedicated to our friend and colleague Prof. Dr. Igor Dmitrievich Chueshov

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  • We investigate the Oseledets splitting for Banach space-valued random dynamical systems based on the theory of center manifolds. This technique gives us random one-dimensional invariant spaces which turn out to be the Oseledets subspaces under suitable assumptions. We apply these results to a stochastic parabolic evolution equation driven by a fractional Brownian motion.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 37H15, 37L55; Secondary: 60H15, 35R60, 60J65, 34D45.


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