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Hermite spectral method for Long-Short wave equations

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  • We are concerned with the initial boundary value problem of the Long-Short wave equations on the whole line. A fully discrete spectral approximation scheme is structured by means of Hermite functions in space and central difference in time. A priori estimates are established which are crucial to study the numerical stability and convergence of the fully discrete scheme. Then, unconditionally numerical stability is proved in a space of $H^1({\Bbb R})$ for the envelope of the short wave and in a space of $L^2({\Bbb R})$ for the amplitude of the long wave. Convergence of the fully discrete scheme is shown by the method of error estimates. Finally, numerical experiments are presented and numerical results are illustrated to agree well with the convergence order of the discrete scheme.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 65M12, 35B45, 76M22.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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  • Figure 1.  Errors for the Short wave

    Figure 2.  Errors for the Long wave

    Table 1.  Errors and convergence rates for the Short wave

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    Table 2.  Errors and convergence rates for the Long wave

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    Table 3.  Errors for both the Short wave and Long wave

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