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Instability of the standing waves for a Benney-Roskes/Zakharov-Rubenchik system and blow-up for the Zakharov equations

  • * Corresponding author: José R. Quintero

    * Corresponding author: José R. Quintero 

JRQ is supported by the Mathematics Department at Universidad del Valle and JCC is supported by the Mathematics Department at Universidad Nacional de Colombia

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  • In this paper we establish the nonlinear orbital instability of ground state standing waves for a Benney-Roskes/Zakharov-Rubenchik system that models the interaction of low amplitude high frequency waves, acustic type waves in $ N = 2 $ and $ N = 3 $ spatial directions. For $ N = 2 $, we follow M. Weinstein's approach used in the case of the Schrödinger equation, by establishing a virial identity that relates the second variation of a momentum type functional with the energy (Hamiltonian) on a class of solutions for the Benney-Roskes/Zakharov-Rubenchik system. From this identity, it is possible to show that solutions for the Benney-Roskes/Zakharov-Rubenchik system blow up in finite time, in the case that the energy (Hamiltonian) of the initial data is negative, indicating a possible blow-up result for non radial solutions to the Zakharov equations. For $ N = 3 $, we establish the instability by using a scaling argument and the existence of invariant regions under the flow due to a concavity argument.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 76B25, 35Q51, 35B35; Secondary: 35B60.


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