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Interaction length of DM solitons in the presence of third order dispersion with loss and amplification

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  • We present an analysis of the interaction properties of time-division multiplexed dispersion-managed solitons in the strong management regime. The study is based on an ordinary differential equations model, obtained by means of the variational method, which takes into account third order dispersion, loss and periodic amplification. The validity of the model is assessed by comparing the variational results with direct simulations of the underlying partial differential equations, finding excellent agreement. We first study the conditions for stable single soliton pulse propagation as the amplifier position is varied in the dispersion map. Interactions between adjacent pulses are then investigated for both lossless and lossy systems and the effect of third-order dispersion is addressed. We find that the increase found in the interaction distance can be explained by an asymmetric effective shift of the average dispersion of each of the soliton pulses induced in the interaction process.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35A15, 35Q51; Secondary: 37K40.


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