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Linear openness and feedback stabilization of nonlinear control systems

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  • It is well known from the seminal Brockett's theorem that the openness property of the mapping on the right-hand side of a given nonlinear ODE control system is a necessary condition for the existence of locally asymptotically stabilizing continuous stationary feedback laws. However, this condition fails to be sufficient for such a feedback stabilization. In this paper we develop an approach of variational analysis to continuous feedback stabilization of nonlinear control systems with replacing openness by the linear openness property, which has been well understood and characterized in variational theory. It allows us, in particular, to obtain efficient conditions via the system data supporting the sufficiency in Brockett's theorem and ensuring local exponential stabilization by means of continuous stationary feedback laws. Furthermore, we derive new necessary conditions for local exponential and asymptotic stabilization of continuous-time control systems by using both continuous and continuously differentiable stationary feedback laws and establish also some counterparts of the obtained sufficient conditions for local asymptotic stabilization by continuous stationary feedback laws in the case of nonlinear discrete-time control systems.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 93C10, 93D15; Secondary: 93C15, 93C55.


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