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A nonlinear empirical analysis on influence factor of circulation efficiency

  • * Corresponding author: 18511513@qq.com

    * Corresponding author: 18511513@qq.com 
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  • A series of phenomena including lower circulation efficiency of Chinese fresh agricultural products, postharvest decay, damage and waste of agricultural products, regional and structural contradiction of supply and demand, drastic fluctuation in price and difficulty in buying and selling, etc. are serious, which has restricted the sound development of Chinese fresh agricultural product industry. To analyze and discuss main factors affecting circulation efficiency of Gannan navel orange, the methods, such as AHP (analytic hierarchy process) and Delphic method, etc., have been used for empirical analysis on Gannan navel orange, and it is found that fruit factors (including single structure and centralized mature period of navel orange, etc), infrastructure factors (including the lack standardization for construction of trading place, outdated warehousing facility and technology, insufficient input of infrastructure of cold chain, etc) and policy environment factors (including food safety, absence of relevant laws and regulations of market supervision, etc) are the existing main factors restricting high-efficient circulation of Gannan navel orange. Based on the conclusion of empirical research and beginning with main circulation links of production, storage and transportation as well as marketing, etc and supporting measures of brand building, product safety and policy service system, etc, the countermeasures and suggestions are proposed to improve circulation efficiency of Gannan navel orange.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 58F15, 58F17; Secondary: 53C35.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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  • Figure 1.  Hierarch Structure Model for Evaluation on Level of Influence Factor of Circulation Efficiency of Gannan Navel Orange

    Table 1.  Index System for Influence Factor of Circulation Efficiency of Gannan Navel Orange

    Class-1 index Class-2 index
    Evaluation on Level of Influence Factor of Circulation Efficiency of Gannan Navel Orange Fruit factor C$_{1}$ Fruit seasonality c$_{\mathbf{11}}$
    Fruit storability c$_{12}$
    Demand for initial processing of fresh fruit c$_{13}$
    Consumption preference c$_{14}$
    Quality level of participant C$_{2}$ Scale of participant c$_{21}$
    Capability of getting information c$_{22}$
    Logistics professionalization quality level c$_{23}$
    Mutual cooperation level c$_{24}$
    Infrastructure construction of logistics C$_{3}$ Traffic transportation facility construction c$_{31}$
    Trading place construction c$_{32}$
    Warehousing facility construction c$_{33}$
    Information spreading network construction c$_{34}$
    Infrastructure construction of cold chain c$_{\mathbf{35}}$
    Market environment C$_{4}$ Degree of market opening c$_{41}$
    Degree of fair transaction c$_{42}$
    Degree of market activity c$_{\mathbf{43}}$
    Policy environment C$_{5}$ Agricultural industry investment policy c$_{51}$
    Charge policy for agricultural products circulation c$_{52}$
    Food safety policy c$_{\mathbf{53}}$
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    Table 2.  1-9 Scale Method and Definition

    Scale $x_{i}, x_{j} $ pairwise comparison standard
    1X$_{i}$ and X$_{j}$ is equal in importance
    3X$_{i }$is weakly important than X$_{j}$
    5X$_{i }$is obviously important than X$_{j}$
    7X$_{i}$ is strongly important than X$_{j}$
    9X$_{i }$is extremely important than X$_{j}$
    2, 4, 6, 8Mid-value of the above two adjacent judgments $a_{ji} =1/a_{ij} $
    Reciprocal $a_{ij} $ is the comparison judgment between factor i and j, and the comparison judgment between factor i and j that $a_{ji} =1/a_{ij} $.
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    Table 3.  Value of Average Random Consistency Index (0$^{th}$ and 10$^{th}$ order)

    n 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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    Table 4.  Results of Random Consistency Check

    A A$_{\mathbf{1}}$ A$_{\mathbf{2}}$ A$_{\mathbf{3}}$ A$_{\mathbf{4}}$ A$_{\mathbf{5}}$
    $CI $ value0.00130.05460.01030.00830.04290.0368
    $RI $ value1.120.900.901.120.580.58
    CR value0.00120.06070.01150.00740.07390.0634
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    Table 5.  Summary of Data of Index System for Influence Factor of Circulation Efficiency of Gannan Navel Orange

    The first hierarchy The second hierarchy Class distribution
    Index Weight No. Index Weight No. Very good Good Common Poor Very poor
    Fruit factor A$_{1}$ Fruit seasonality a$_{11}$ 0.2599 0.00 0.00 0.17 0.47 0.37
    Fruit storability a$_{12}$ 0.4502 0.03 0.07 0.40 0.33 0.17
    Demand for initial processing of fresh fruit a$_{13}$ 0.1838 0.00 0.17 0.73 0.10 0.00
    Consumption preference a$_{14}$ 0.1061 0.10 0.33 0.53 0.03 0.00
    Quality level of participant A$_{2}$ Scale of participant a$_{21}$ 0.2776 0.00 0.27 0.50 0.17 0.07
    Capability of getting information a$_{22}$ 0.1603 0.07 0.17 0.27 0.33 0.17
    Logistics professionalization quality level a$_{23}$ 0.4668 0.03 0.23 0.23 0.33 0.17
    Mutual cooperation level a$_{24}$ 0.0953 0.07 0.17 0.43 0.23 0.10
    Infrastr ucture construction of logistics A$_{3}$ Traffic transportation facility construction a$_{31}$ 0.2154 0.10 0.33 0.27 0.20 0.10
    Trading place construction a$_{32}$ 0.0735 0.00 0.13 0.30 0.43 0.13
    Warehousing facility construction a$_{33}$ 0.1208 0.03 0.10 0.27 0.40 0.20
    Information spreading network construction a$_{34}$ 0.3749 0.17 0.23 0.40 0.13 0.07
    Infrastructure construction of cold chain a$_{35}$ 0.2154 0.00 0.00 0.23 0.50 0.27
    Market environ ment A$_{4}$ Degree of market opening a$_{41}$ 0.2255 0.27 0.47 0.20 0.07 0.00
    Degree of fair transaction a$_{42}$ 0.1007 0.23 0.53 0.20 0.03 0.00
    Degree of market activity a$_{43}$ 0.6738 0.03 0.13 0.43 0.30 0.10
    Policy enviro nment A$_{5}$ Agricultural industry investment policy a$_{51}$ 0.6144 0.13 0.40 0.33 0.10 0.03
    Charge policy for agricultural products circulation a$_{52}$ 0.1172 0.10 0.23 0.40 0.20 0.07
    Food safety policy a$_{53}$ 0.2684 0.00 0.10 0.30 0.40 0.20
    Data source: calculation based on data of survey
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    Table 6.  Results for Evaluation on Level of Efficiency Influence Factor of Circulation Pattern of Gannan Navel Orange

    Factor set Very good Good Common Poor Very poor Good and over Common and over
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